Social Engineering – Penetration Testing

Heathmount International Ltd operate Globally and have a unique professional working relationship with many government agencies and high level private Close Protection and Covert Surveillance Organisations.


What is Social Engineering – Penetration Testing? It is the manipulation of the natural human tendency to trust others.

Social engineering is a growing risk that many organisations are facing, as humans we tend to want to trust other humans and even, to help them. Criminals use Social Engineering to gain help from staff to enter your buildings and offices, enabling access to systems and staff, critical data and even planting items to disrupt your business, commit fraud or to severely damage property and your reputation.

We have

Successfully run many Social Engineering campaigns with our clients, which resulted in our team:-

  • Gaining full access to business premises – often via multiple access points
  • Loading USB sticks onto work laptops and PC’s
  • Accessing data centres and server rooms
  • Accessing plant rooms
  • Accessing CCTV, fire and security controls
  • Gaining full access to meeting rooms, engaging with and mixing with staff


  • Deliver comprehensive and professionally driven pre and post event client briefings and training:-
  • We work within a set protocol to protect the integrity and reputation of the client
  • Provide clients with an evidential audio/visual record
  • Provide clients with a comprehensive report detailing methods and techniques used to defeat their systems
  • Provide clients with details of vulnerabilities and recommendations to remediate
  • Carry out repeat tests to ensure that recommendations have been actioned

Heathmount provides a confidential and professional service for all types of vulnerability testing, training and security audits.

Data security is always a priority, but what about Human error? Social Engineering must be as high on the vulnerability agenda of any business wanting to protect its assets and reputation’. Senior security advisor and subject matter expert



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