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Heathmount are able to provide vehicle and personal tracking devices which use the latest proven military technology. Trackers are of the highest quality, extremely rugged and fully waterproof. Our tracking devices are covertly discreet and can be fitted quickly, adhering to metal services by high velocity magnets.  Our range of tracking devices can be attached to vehcles,  assets, shipping consignments, artwork, briefcases, handbags and even secured in clothing, without fear of detection..

GPS Trackers

We provide GPS tracking devices for our VIP's under our Executive Protection Detail to be used as an emergency evacuation aid if the SOS button is activated.  The same system can be used when conducting Protective Surveillance to a VIP which is less intrusive but very effective. 

Over the years, deploying a tracker prior to putting a full surveillance team out on the ground has proven very effective. This system helps the surveillance team leader to establish the routine of the subject and avoid being lead into dead ends or places where surveillance detection would be easy. 

Large corporations and individuals have used our trackers to monitor valuable assets such as art work, jewellery and personal.  We can view and monitor the     whereabouts of any item, which has been fitted with a Tracker, simply by logging into our control panel and by entering a secure personolised login pin. This can be monitored anytime, day or night, on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.



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