"I had the privilege to work for Heathmount International on numerous occasions for some very high profile clients. The client's Mr Allen has on his books speaks volumes about the service that Mr Allen offers. Heathmount runs like a military operation. I was never in doubt about the task in hand, I was always fully briefed, I was always made aware of the contract and surrounding aspects that can jeapodise each task and the contingency plans to mitigate such threats. Mr Allen is resourceful, knowledgeable, loyal and an utmost professional. I would recommend his services to anyone, in both a consultant role or as a client."

Tom W (MSyl)


Heathmount are run by trained, experienced people who have served their time on the ground. Therefore they are totally professional and know what they are asking you to do and the difficulties that we face when carrying out surveillance, unlike many companies I have worked for.

Time and money has been invested in equipment that makes the job easier and possible to achieve the required aim even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Most importantly invoices are ALWAYS paid promptly.

From my point of view as an agent Heathmount are highly recommended.

J. Webster - Ex Metropolitan Police Surveillance 42


I have been working with Heathmount for the last 10 years in both Close Protection & Surveillance and I can say with complete conviction that they are the most professional company I have worked for. Any company looking for the right people to provide the best possible service in this industry need not look any further, Heathmount really are at the top of their game.

DB - Ex Special Forces


I worked for Heathmount International Ltd on a couple of occasions between my regular security work.

I have been working in the security Industry for 15 years as a bodyguard, a Close Protection, surveillance and now Maritime armed security operative and I have seen many companies. Heathmount Int is a professional security company and Mr Allen is a very professional operator, manager and owner, who takes the work very seriously and has a lot of pride in his work, clients and operatives.

I would certainly recommend Heathmount International Ltd for anyone who has any security issues as they are one of the most professional companies that I have seen, worked for and met during my extensive security employment. They are honestly concerned about the security issues and not just thinking about how much profit they can earn, like many other companies.

I would also recommend anyone who has the chance to work for Heathmount Int to do so, as they will gain valuable work experience due to the professionalism of the staff that Heathmount Ltd employ.

Rich B - Former British Army and 15yrs Security Industry