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Armoured Vehicles

Heathmount International provide prestige Armoured Vehicles and limousines combining the highest level of security with an atmosphere of luxury, comfort and technical excellence unique in the automotive industry.

Mercedes Benz W221

The current Mercedes Benz W221 S-Class is an Armoured Vehicle with level B7 Protection.

Armoured Vehicle

This is the B-Van-62-K luxury Armoured Vehicle People carrier.

Armoured Mercedes Van

The Rolls Royce Phantom

For many the Rolls Royce has represented the world's most exclusive vehicle. The Rolls Royce Phantom carries on this tradition of excellence with its B6/B6 Armoured Vehicle Protection.

Heathmount offers, in addition to the Standard Phantom, a variety of modifications including Wheelbase Extensions, the highest levels of Security Protection available and unique Interior Accessories that take the level of comfort and tradition of excellence, so long a trade mark of Rolls Royce, to a new level.

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